In Struga and its surrounding the tradition of St. Kliment and St. Naum is present, for which a lot of names of sites dating from this time can be found: "Klimentica" in the center of Struga, especially the site "Holy Mother of God Prechista" in the village of Vranishta, rarity not only in Macedonia but on the whole Balkan.The oldest icon art in Struga is the the icon of St. Georgi (1267), in the church with the same name, dating from the middle century.From the Turkish period, these objects can be mentioned: the bath, with modest dimensions, but which consists of all the elements of a typical bath in Macedonia, and "Halveti teke", which is under protection of the Institute for Cultural Monuments of Macedonia.

From the time of the renaissance there are many churches in the region, in almost every inhabited place. They are all characterized by the famous and so typical for Macedonia architectural style, with rich and valuable carved iconostasis on which a lot of "prestolni" (throne) and "praznicni" (festive) icons can be found, and with the church interior ornamented with wall fresco-painting.The most famous among the churches in Sturga is the town cathedral church " Saint Gjorgija" with a magnificent carved iconostas ( finished in 1850) which has a rich collection of painted icons.

Simply it is not possible to visit Struga and stay disinterested in its natural grace, in the key of the Crn Drim, in the out-flow of the Drim, in its old architecture and narrow alleys, houses with galleries and shops with shutters. You will be really delighted by the local people who will meet you with warm welcome and make you feel like home.